DIY Inspiration Notice Board

DIY Inspiration Noticeboard |
{You Will Need}

1 x large (or two small) cork board from the dollar store (mine equalled approx. 85x58cm)
1 x large pdf board the same size to use as a backing
Strong glue (I used this one)
1m x 1m Fabric (I used a natural linen)
Staple gun & staples
Framing material (I used 2 lengths of 8mm pine moulding)
Cutting device (I used a drop saw but a jigsaw or handsaw would also work – alternately, ask your hardware to cut for you, just make sure you have the measurements)
10 Screws
Drill + Drill bits
Multipurpose Gap Filler (I used this one)
White Paint
2 x picture hanging eyelets
Hanging wire


If the cork board you have purchased is large and has a good quality backing, no need to complete the first step.  The cork boards I purchased were cork on cardboard so needed something stronger to be mounted on.  If you are unable to find a backing piece in a suitable size, buy slightly bigger and cut to size using a jigsaw.

1. Remove the frame from the cork board.  Glue the cork board to the backing according to the glue directions.  Allow to dry.

2. Lay out your fabric and place the glued cork board on top.  Cut the fabric so there is an approximate 2.5cm border.

3. Iron your fabric so it is nice and flat.   Iron a small 1cm seam around the border so when you staple there is a nice finish.

4. Lay your fabric out again.  Place the cork board on top.  Working from one corner, carefully fold fabric over and staple at approximately 5cm intervals.  Continue each side of the board until complete.

5. Now for the frame. Measure in 2.5 cm from each side to find the corner point and mark with pencil.  Cut the end of the first length of framing material at a 45 degree angle.

6. . Paint each frame piece with two coats of paint.  This will make it easier once the frame is attached, you will only have to paint a light coat over the screw fittings.

7. Place the shortest point of the newly cut angle at one of the pencil marks.  Arrange so it is in line to meet the opposite corner point.  Mark the frame exactly where the corner pencil mark is.

8. Cut at a 45 degree angle from this point (the opposite way to the first cut, so when put together will make the ‘frame’).

9. Continue this step until you have the four frame pieces.

10.  Mark where you will screw the frame on in pencil onto the frame.  1 x screw to attach each end of the frame and 1 x screw in the centre of the long piece of frame.  10 x screws in total.

11.  To attach the frame, using a drill bit 1mm larger than the head of the screw you will be using, drill approximately 2mm down at each position you will be using a screw.    This ‘counter sinks’ the screws so they will now sit below the surface of the frame.

12. Because the pine moulding I used was quite thin, to avoid splitting it, I pre-drilled the holes using a 1mm drill bit.

13. Screw in the screws at each position.

14. Use the gap filler in the screw holes according to the directions and allow to dry.  Give a light sand.

15. Paint with one coats of paint.

16. Using two picture frame eyelets and hanging wire, attach a double length of wire around one third from the top of the frame, twisting at each end to secure.

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