Blackboard Paint & Chalk Labelled Spice Jars

Chalk Labelled Spice Jars |

{You Will Need}
A selection of glass jars
1 Small Tin of Blackboard Paint
1 small paintbrush
Mineral Turps for cleaning up
1 Chalkboard Pen

1. Clean the jars really well.  If you have spices already in the jars, remove the lids and run through a hot dishwasher.  You need the lids to be clean and free from any dust or grime.
2. Mix the blackboard paint according to directions and empty a little into a small container.  Paint a thin layer of blackboard paint on the lids of the jars.  Allow to dry overnight.
3. Paint another thin layer of blackboard paint.  Allow to dry overnight.
4. Label the jars with the chalkboard pen.  Voila!

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