Garden Share Collective: November

It is nearing that time of month when I share what has been going on in our humble garden as part of the Garden Share Collective.  We have had an upside down month, with three out of four weekends away.  Needless to say, our absence coupled with the extremely dry weather we have been experiencing in Queensland has caused our little garden to feel a little neglected.  But we do have some minor developments that I will share.

Aside from mulberries which have been dropping off in handfuls, and greens which we always have in ample supply, we have not been harvesting much else this month.  Our eggplant bushes which were so incredibly prolific last summer, have died…all of a sudden, with tiny eggplants left clinging from the branches.  I am very saddened by this development and fear it has been due to some overzealous fertilising on my part.  Is this possible?  The seedling man at the market suggested to add dolomite and sulphate of potash to the soil before I planted my tomato seedlings.  I did, and didn’t think anything of adding some around the eggplant bushes as well.  Within a fortnight they were dead.  I know there’s a chance they couldn’t handle the unseasonably hot weather for this time of year, but I have a feeling this is not the case.

I’ve planted tomato seedlings, new herbs for summer and more recently some new beetroot and eggplant seedlings.  I’ve also prepared the remaining two garden beds for planting, although haven’t yet decided what to go in there.  Our zucchini bushes are thriving, as is our cucumber vine.  And the existing beetroots are all but ready to pop out of the soil and into a beetroot and goats cheese salad.  Our lime tree {excitingly} has its first tiny fruit starting to grow.

To Do:
Many things on the to do list this month!  The chicken coop, whilst it now has a roof with guttering, still needs the wire attached to the outside.  Then we will be ready.   This has been the slowest built chicken coop in history I fear.  Next, to work out a planting plan for the remaining veggie beds – any suggestions are welcome.  And finally, to keep the existing vegetables healthy and alive through this dry and hot weather.

Thanks again to Lizzie from Strayed From The Table for organising the collective.  I love seeing the progress of everyone’s gardens each month.

Garden Share Collective November | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective November | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective November | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective November | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective November |

6 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective: November

  1. I swear by potash on tomatoes, i usually douse them a couple of times while growing as well. It makes a tastier tomato as well as makes them more hardy I find. However eggplants don’t like the same treatment that is for sure. Also another problem with eggplants is if you get high humidity they rot, so give the stems plenty of room from the mulch. I am impressed you still have mulberries.

  2. My heart breaks to see your Lime tree after our season has gone so horribly belly-up in that regard!! The beets look lovely (as does the rest)…

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