Pizza On The Run

As much as I love a burger (which I wrote about here) well…I love pizza just as much.  The Italian kind – thin, stretchy bases with a select few toppings and mozzarella.  But during the week I can never seem to find the time to make our own pizza bases.  And although I don’t mind using flat bread as an alternative, the pre-made pizza bases you buy just don’t seem to match up.  Sometimes of a weekend, I’ll make a batch of six or so pizza bases {using this great Jamie Oliver recipe}, top them with tomato sauce {the best – using Marcella Hazan’s famous red sauce recipe} and par-cook them in a hot oven on a pizza stone for 10 minutes.  Then once cooled, I freeze them one at a time on a plate in the freezer.  And once all are frozen I pop them in a snap-lock bag.  Voila – homemade pizza ready whenever it takes your fancy.

Home-Made Pre-Made Pizza Bases | brownpaperbelle.comIMG_9176 IMG_9193 IMG_9203 IMG_9207 IMG_9213

6 thoughts on “Pizza On The Run

  1. Oh thank you for another interesting post! While I don’t make my own pizza crust, I love to try the tomato sauce slow-cooked in butter and onion. So easy! No wonder it is so popular. I will go heat my stove now!

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