Garden Share Collective: October

Somehow, another month has flown by and it is time again to share with you the progress in my garden over the last month as part of Garden Share Collective.

We’ve been harvesting mulberries as fast as they are grown, we race up in the morning to see how many have ripened overnight and then eat them without a thought.  My grand plan is to make a mulberry pie, but this will require not eating some and saving them until we have a large enough quantity so, in the meantime I made some mulberry filled butter biscuits.  We’ve also been harvesting handfuls of crisp yellow and green french beans from our dwarf bean seedlings which were planted in August.  And we still have more greens than we could possibly get through alone, although I did manage to find and try a recipe for Wild Weed Pie which used 1kg of greens and made a sizeable dent in our leafy green harvest for the week.

I’ve planted some flowers throughout the garden {which I wrote about here} as well as some herb and tomato seedlings {which I wrote about here}.  The beetroot plants are coming along nicely and we’ve had our first eggplant of the season grow.

We’ve been pretty productive with other things too.  Half the garden beds have been turned and fertilised and are ready for Spring planting.  The chicken coop is well under way with maybe only another weekend of work until we’re ready for our chickens.  I can’t wait to have fresh eggs in the morning.  Nothing quite beats a freshly laid egg {no pun intended}.

Mulberries | brownpaperbelle.comDwarf Beans | brownpaperbelle.comDwarf Beans | brownpaperbelle.comEggplant | brownpaperbelle.comTomato Seedlings | brownpaperbelle.comBeetroot | brownpaperbelle.comChicken Coop |

12 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective: October

  1. Your chook pen is so cute, you will love having chickens. Mulberries are so good, i am eating them at my work which has been really good, while I wait for my trees to get established. You have a pretty good crop of beans too and that eggplant well he is just sexy.

  2. Such fantastic Mulberries, beans and eggplant. You are so lucky to be picking eggplant already. What a fantastic garden setup – your chicken coop is gorgeous. luscious silverbeet too, a very healthy garden, thank you for showing us around.

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