Birthday Cake Inspiration

When I was little, I remember spending hours flicking through Mum’s Women’s Weekly Children’s Cake Cookbook before making the {very important} decision each year of which cake I would have for my birthday.  It was always a very special moment when the cake I had chosen would appear in real life.
Jack turns two next week.  He’s not quite at the stage where he wants to choose his cake {next year though} but I have some definite ideas about cakes he would LOVE based on his current obsessions: Fish, Clocks, Trains & Birds.

Here are a few beautiful cakes I’ve found for inspiration in my search:

Martha Stewart Fish Cake |{Photo via Martha Stewart}

Clock Cake |{Photo via Sugar Swirls}

Train Cake |{Photo via Cake Decorating Magazine}

Owl Cupcakes |{Photo via Pinterest}

9 thoughts on “Birthday Cake Inspiration

  1. You just have to make something fabulously creative and don’t worry how it turns out. But don’t take any photos. In years to come you can remind Jack about the wonderful cake you made and after a while it will go down in family folklore as the wonderful 2nd birthday cake.
    What matters is that you make a cake with love.

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