Travel Series: On Travelling With A Toddler

Since we are at the end of our travel series, I thought I would include a few things we found handy while travelling with a toddler.

Plan to fly at night time – this is something I read before we left, but didn’t understand why until we had a daytime 13 hour flight.  13 hours is a LONG time to entertain an awake 18 month old.  If you are flying at night, it is more likely that they will sleep for at least a portion of the time {in theory}.

We found having a roll of duct tape on the plane very handy for taping up a cloth to shield sleeping baby’s eyes from bright lights or very friendly flight attendants playing peek-a-boo while Jack was trying to get to sleep.

I found it helpful to plan ahead with Jack’s food.  Maybe {ok probably} I am crazy, but I packed enough Weetbix {Jack’s cereal of choice} to last our month away.  I also packed around 40 fruit squeezies to have on hand just in case.  The less you have to worry about what your baby is going to eat for the day, the better.

Be flexible with what you do for the day.  And try to think of activities that are going to be fun for all of you.  Picnics are a winner.  In more ways than one.

Most importantly, while there will undoubtably be times that are like this:

Travelling with a Toddler |

The times you remember will be like this:
Travelling with a Toddler | brownpaperbelle.comHere are the things we couldn’t live without on our travels:

Babyzen Yoyo Stroller – So beyond good to have a stroller that fits into overhead luggage on a plane.  Really compact.  Great recline and a good sized sun shield.  So easy to flick up and fold down {see this video} Expensive, but in my opinion, totally worth it  {add the price into the cost of the holiday and it doesn’t seem as bad.

Baby Bjorn Travel Cot – Really handy travel cot.  Comfy and super easy to put up/pack down {see this video}.  It’s also quite light so we were able to strap it onto the front of our suitcase {with these straps} which meant one less thing we had to carry.

Bambinoz Travel High Chair – This foldable fabric chair was great as I would throw it in my {enormous} handbag if we were heading out for the day / evening as we found not many restaurants had high chairs in Europe.   Also good for hotel rooms with a tired and irritable baby that needs to eat dinner quickly and go to bed.

Phil & Teds Metro {8 – 18 months} – We didn’t use this on our most recent holiday, but found it to be great previously when Jack was a little smaller, and a little lighter.  We took this instead of a stroller and it was great for the tube and train travel and Jack would easily fall asleep in it.

Travelling with a Toddler | brownpaperbelle.comTravelling with a Toddler | brownpaperbelle.comBabyzen yoyo review | brownpaperbelle.comBabyzen yoyo review | brownpaperbelle.comBabyzen yoyo review | brownpaperbelle.comTravelling with a Toddler | brownpaperbelle.comTravelling with a Toddler |

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