Kanelsnurrer, of Norway

When a friend contacts you, out of the blue, for the first time in ten years and tells you ‘you have to try and make these cinnamon rolls’…you know they must be good.  He told me of a Norwegian style cinnamon scroll called Kanelsnurrer along with a tonne of information on where to find the recipe, how long to knead the dough for and photos showing the unique twisting technique.  Which is why I persisted when my attempts failed the first and second time – both times due to my own silly mistakes.  Luckily, attempt number three turned out perfectly – the dough was smooth and elastic and airy and light.  The Kanelsnurrer twisted and knotted together easily and the cinnamon sugar spread evenly throughout.  I am certainly glad I persisted.

The recipe for the dough is from this website.  However, the technique for rolling them came from these instructional images on Flickr.  And, if like me, you’re interested in this sort of thing, here is a video of a famous bakery that makes them in Lom, Norway.

{Thank you for Marty for sharing}

Kanelsnurrer | brownpaperbelle.comKanelsnurrer | brownpaperbelle.comKanelsnurrer | brownpaperbelle.comKanelsnurrer | brownpaperbelle.comKanelsnurrer | brownpaperbelle.comKanelsnurrer | brownpaperbelle.com

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