All Cooped Up

Adopting some chickens for our back yard has been a discussion we have been having for a long time.  But I finally feel like we are making progress.  There is something about freshly laid eggs that can’t be replicated, nor beaten {no pun intended}.  As I spoke about earlier in the week, we’ve now made a space where the chooks will live and I’m very excited that we are at the stage where we are looking at different coop designs and which one will suit us and our backyard.  In search for inspiration, I’ve been online looking at different examples.

Here are a few that I’ve found and I love {although some are completely impractical for our backyard!}:

Chicken Coop |{Photo via Carolina Coops, Etsy}

Chicken Coop |{Photo via Farmhouse 38}

Chicken Coop |{Photo via Improvements}

Chicken Coop |{Photo via Busybody Fit}

{The garden on the roof!}
Chicken Coop |
{Photo via Flickr}

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