Garden Share Collective: August 2013

I was very honoured when asked by Lizzie of Strayed From The Table to join their garden share collective.  Each month, a group of like-minded gardeners from around the globe share a garden update – what is growing, what has been harvested and those things that have made their way to the to-do list.  From now on, I will be joining them.

This month, I have not much in the way of things harvested.  I have some beautiful flowering lavender which always makes me happy to see, along with three healthy heads of sorrel which I raid for leaves each week to add to my salads, along with my spring onions which always seem to grow well.  I planted some kale seedlings around a month ago (I wrote about it here) but they seem to be incredibly slow growing.  Maybe because they are getting eaten (by what, I’m not quite sure but I assume it is a possum) but even those leaves that remain don’t seem to grow.  A friend has suggested that maybe this winter hasn’t been cold enough – but I’ve also thought that maybe it has something to do with the soil.

A few of the seedlings I’ve planted recently include: Italian Lettuces, Beetroot, Dwarf French Beans, Snow Peas (which have just this week taken off), Cabbage and Broccoli (which I planted in in egg cups and wrote about here).  I’ve also spotted the first buds on our mulberry tree which makes me excited for what will be our first mulberries.

On the to-do list this month, is to create some slightly stronger compost boxes.  Also, as we have now cleared a space where our soon-to-be chicken coop will live, high on our priorities is to finalise plans and buy materials to make it – this is a very exciting development for our little garden.  I also have three of my garden beds which need a good fertilise and turn before spring begins.

Lovely Lavender | brownpaperbelle.comSorrel Seedlings | brownpaperbelle.comSpring Onions | brownpaperbelle.comKale Seedlings | brownpaperbelle.comItalian Lettuce Seedlings | brownpaperbelle.comItalian Lettuce Seedlings | brownpaperbelle.comSweet Pea Seedlings | brownpaperbelle.comDwarf French Bean Seedlings | brownpaperbelle.comEgg Carton Planting | brownpaperbelle.comMulberry Buds | brownpaperbelle.comBackyard Compost | brownpaperbelle.comTheGardenShareCollective300pix

11 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective: August 2013

  1. Kale is such a superfood. It’s just awesome. Too bad yours is getting eaten. I know the feeling since my tomato plant had flowers and everything until it got chopped on by what was most likely a deer. You garden looks really nice. I am entirely jealous.Good for you. 🙂

  2. looks like caterpillars are eating your kale – I recommend Yates caterpillar killer (dipel – its made up of squashed caterpillars) its organic too. your garden is looking really great, you have better luck than me at planting seeds that is for sure. Looks like you will be harvesting a lot over the coming month though. Thanks for joining the group and look forward to seeing your progress next month.

    1. Really!? Caterpillars can eat through that much!?? Ok I will give the caterpillar killer a try and let you know how you go. Thanks so much Lizzie – I am really excited about being a part of the group. Look forward to reading all the other blogs next month and seeing the progress.

  3. We too have dreams of chickens!! I grew up with a mulberry tree – nothing more fun as a kid – however, word from my mother – ensure it is not planted at exact digestion distance from the clothesline…

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