Travel Series: Beaune

After leaving Chamonix, we had a long and drizzly {but beautiful} drive to the deep-burgundy town of Beaune.  Referred to as the ‘wine capital’ of the Burgundy region, when a waiter greeted us at our table she asked if we would like still or sparkling water with dinner and then laughed saying ‘In Beaune we drink no water, only wine’.  And we tried some delicious wines, mostly Pinot Noir.  Next time we visit, we will stay in L’Hotel – it looked absolutely gorgeous – we drove in by accident thinking it was where we had booked and the staff were so helpful directing us to our {not nearly as glamorous} accommodation.  The Saturday morning fine food markets in Beaune were something quite special to experience.  The regional cheeses, meats and produce all on show and displayed beautifully in their stalls.  With my very limited French, I was able to gesture my way through ordering a little bit of this and that, with the stall owners and I laughing at the fact we had no idea what each other were saying.  I could have spent hours people watching – seeing the locals ask questions and then tasting, prodding and testing the produce, before they were satisfied in making their purchase.

Beaune |
Beaune, France |
Beaune |
Flowers of Beaune, France |
Oh My Creme Brûlée |
Sausage Heaven, Beaune |

Saturday Food Markets, Beaune, France |

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