She’ll Be Apples

Every now and then you come across a recipe that you wished you’d known earlier in your lifetime.  This happened to me yesterday.  I needed to bake something to take along to an afternoon tea with friends.  The catch was, I didn’t have any butter so I was searching high and low for a no-butter cake recipe.  I came across this recipe for Apple Tea Cake and it took all of 15 minutes to prepare.  So simple! I used olive oil instead of vegetable oil and added a teaspoon of cinnamon to the cake batter.  I also mixed 2 tablespoons caster sugar with 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon and sprinkled this over the cake about 10 minutes before taking it out of the oven.  I didn’t have a large casserole dish to cook it in but used a spring form pan with a pizza stone underneath which I imagine would have a similar effect.  It turned out to be a huge cake – enough for 10-12 slices.  It was springy and sweet and full of apples.  I’ve now printed the recipe and saved it in my recipe book for future referral, although I have a sneaking suspicion it is easy enough that I might just commit it to memory.  If you ever need a cake in a hurry – this is your answer.

Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake |
Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake |
Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake |
Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake |
Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake |
Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake | brownpaperbelle.comApple & Cinnamon Tea Cake |

13 thoughts on “She’ll Be Apples

  1. My younger sister has recently gained an obsession with all things tea. I have been looking for a recipe for a tea cake or biscuit-cookies, for her and I think I found a perfect one!

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