Travel Series: Moustiers Sainte Marie

The first three stops on our driving holiday gave us a little taste of Provence, the Alps and the Burgundy region.  With just enough time in each that we now want to return and explore these areas further.  Moustiers Sainte Marie is a tiny medieval village built into a mountain in Haute Provence.   We stayed in the beautiful La Ferme du Petit Segries, a family run farm hosted by Noel and Sylvie.  Four nights a week Sylvie cooks dinner to be shared at a long table with guests, Noel, Sylvie and their two children.  We unfortunately were not staying on one of these nights but, judging by the delicious breakfast and how lovely and welcoming the family was, I imagine it would be a pretty special experience.   Renowned for its ceramics, the town has many stores with beautiful hand painted pottery.  From the village there is a walk up to the Notre-Dame de Beauvoir chapel which has been carved into the mountain.  The tiny town is watched over by a star which has been suspended between two cliffs since what is believed to be the 15th Century although no-one knows exactly how or why it hangs there.  There are, of course, many varying legends that explain its existence.

Moustiers Sainte Marie, France |

Moustiers Sainte Marie, France |
The Legendary Star |

Moustiers Sainte Marie, France |
Moustiers Sainte Marie, France |


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