Second Skin

When I was in Paris, with a little direction from my friend Gwennie (here) I discovered the most incredible skin care range at the pharmacy.  And believe me, I’ve tried many different brands over the years.  I have no hesitation in claiming that Caudalie is the best I’ve used.  It also happens to be one of the more cost effective ranges I’ve tried.  I have been wondering how on earth I could organise another bundle of skincare products – racking my brain trying to think of what friends are visiting France in the near future and could locate, purchase and bring home a little skincare bounty for me.  But it seems I had no need to stress, I’ve found an online store that stocks Caudalie and they offer free shipping worldwide.  I can’t believe my luck.

Left to right |  Instant Foaming Cleanser, Deep Cleansing Exfoliator, Beauty Elixir,  Premieres Vendanges Moisturising Cream,  Lip Conditioner, Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Caudalie Products |

{All images via Feel Unique}

6 thoughts on “Second Skin

    1. Ok here goes Margot – in comparison to Dermalogica which is what I was using previously. Mainly on price as I was pretty happy with the Dermalogica range. In comparison product-wise with other brand’s I’ve tried that are in a similar price bracket – Philosophy, Olay, Dr LeWinns, A’kin – I found the Caudalie products to be more…luxurious. Does that make sense? The foaming face wash feels light and silky and non drying which I often find with face wash. The ‘Pulpe Vitamin’ cream feels like it’s nourishing your skin as soon as you put it on. I love the lip conditioner too. Although I still use my papaw ointment from time to time. I’m very happy with all of the products I’ve tried – I can’t fault them! And I can’t see myself changing to another brand anytime soon. Is this a suitable review?? Feel free to ask more questions!

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