Burger Me

Most of the time, I’m a girl of very simple pleasures.  A good hamburger is something I crave…often.  Inspired by the delicious experience I have every time I visit Grill’d, I decided to try and recreate that experience at home.  Starting with a quality burger patty of ground beef mixed with herbs and then making the wholemeal roll into slightly toasted garlic bread.  How you arrange your burger is equally as important as the ingredients you choose to construct it with.  My personal opinion is that onion, meat and cheese should sandwich each other with tomato, lettuce and pickles to follow.  And condiments.  The right condiments are vital when creating the perfect burger.  I always opt for three: tomato, mustard and mayo – the trifecta of burger goodness.

Click here for the recipe>>>

The Best Hamburger | brownpaperbelle.comThe Best Hamburger | brownpaperbelle.comThe Best Hamburger | brownpaperbelle.comThe Best Hamburger | brownpaperbelle.comBest Hamburger | brownpaperbelle.com

12 thoughts on “Burger Me

  1. Gee I love your creativity Jess! I was in Melbourne on the weekend and had a hankering for a burger and fries the whole time. I didn’t satisfy my need unfortunately but it appears I only need to head to your place!
    Keep up the great work!!

  2. Hi Jessica–I am writing a blog about International food bloggers and would like to know if I may use one of your burger pictures in it? Of course, you would get full credit and links to your blog. Let me know and thank you!

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