This Week I’m Dreaming Of…

Somehow arranging for some cobblestones from the streets of Rome to magically appear as our driveway
Rome Cobble Stone Streets |

Making a big batch of caramel popcorn for movie night (this one I might actually act on)
Caramel Popcorn from The Kitchn |
{Photo via The Kitchn}

Instilling some French Provincial style into our garden
French Provincial Garden from Attic Mag |
{Photo via Attic Mag}

Making a pot of tea and taking my time to fawn over Megan Hess’ Fashion House book
Fashion House - Megan Hess |
{Photo via Interiors Addict}

A visit to Maggie Beer’s Barossa Farm Shop
Maggie Beer Farm Shop |
{Photo via Maggie Beer}

10 thoughts on “This Week I’m Dreaming Of…

  1. Gosh, we dream of remarkably similar things! 🙂 I purchased some Maggie Beer ‘Fig Vino Cotto’ just this morning with a thought of making some (hopefully) exquisite tasting biscuits.
    What a gorgeous Provençal house… just beautiful! Margot

    1. Hi Margot – isn’t Maggie Beer just the best? And don’t you dream of having a holiday house in Southern France somewhere….oh we can dream! Thanks so much for visiting.
      PS. Loved your photo of the cumquat – perfection!

      1. She really is a beautiful person – talented, humble and seems such a gentle, happy soul. The Barossa (and her farm) is very much on my wish list too! My biscuits with the Fig Vino Cotto were a little overpowered in flavour by the chopped walnuts I added, so it’s unfortunately still a work in progress…
        Absolutely! to the house in Southern France – late afternoon drinks on the terrace, a glass of white (or rosé…not too fussy…) in one hand, a gougère in the other, the sound of pétanque and cicadas in the air and a slight hint of lavender and wild herbs, sweeping views of the olive grove and vineyard and a house just like the one above, though with rustic, painted wooden shutters to protect from the Mistral and the intense Provençal heat.
        So easy to get carried away with thoughts of France… Thanks also for the lovely comment about my photo!

  2. Like the cobbles and the garden – it almost looks like the garden has been clipped with nail clippers – I have truly been put to shame, or I like the rambling look (weeds thrown in for free). MM 🌿

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