Travel Series: Rome, The Eternal City

As promised, today and over the next few weeks I will share with you a few photos and stories of our holiday, starting with one of my favourite cities: Rome.

We booked our accommodation  through Air BnB which (on this and every occasion) was the perfect arrangement as each time, we were met by a host who gave a quick tour of the apartment, restaurant recommendations and must-see-and-do advice.  We  stayed in a teeny tiny but perfectly equipped and immaculately kept studio apartment (here) a minute’s walk from Piazza Navona.   I loved staying in this area as we could walk everywhere we needed to.  And we did.  We walked and walked and walked until we could walk no more.

{A list of our highlights in the order that we discovered them}

{1} Navona Notte for the most incredibly delicious dinner with pizza that I am still dreaming of.
{2} A nighttime visit to the Trevi Fountain – that luminous glow of light is something I’ll never forget.
{3} Coffee & pastries in the garden of the Vatican Museum for breakfast  – we pre-booked tickets to the Vatican museum the day before (here) which not only saved time but gave us a simple refusal to offer the (seemingly) hundreds of tour hawkers that hassled us on the walk to the entrance.
{4} A humbling visit to St Peters Basilica that left me in awe once again.
{5} An incredible lunch of organic pizza (by the slice and charged by weight) at the casual Pizza Zaza in Piazza Sant’Euschio
{6} Marvelling at the genius of the ancient Romans while visiting the Pantheon (built in 126 AD).
{7} An afternoon stroll to the Colusseum with background skies of powder blue.
{8} Trying as many flavours of gelati as we could possibly manage in a few days.
{9} Visiting the famous Sant’Euschio Il Gran Caffe for ‘the best coffee in Italy’.  We went early to beat the crowds.  Make sure you drink your coffee in at the bar (1.50) and not on the tables in the street (4.00).
{10} A morning walk to the Piazza del Popolo via the Spanish Steps.

Rome, The Eternal City | brownpaperbelle.comSt Peter's Basillica, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comRome, The Eternal City | brownpaperbelle.comCeiling of the Vatican Museum, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comSt Peter's Basilica, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comSt Peter's Basilica | brownpaperbelle.comPizza Zaza, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comSant Eustachio Coffee, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comPantheon, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comGelato, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comRome, The Eternal City | brownpaperbelle.comPope Busker, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comColusseum, Rome | brownpaperbelle.comRome, The Eternal City | brownpaperbelle.comSpanish Steps, Rome |

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