Vintage Finds: Parisian Flea Market

Before we arrived in Paris, I had grand dreams of rummaging through flea markets all day long and finding countless treasures to bring back home.  But this was not the case for two reasons.  Firstly, we were often having such a relaxing time in Paris, allowing ourselves to take in the city and all of its beauty – that I realised I needed to allocate some of my time to activities other than flea market shopping.  And secondly, by the time we got to Paris, our suitcases were FULL – and there were only the tiniest pockets of space left new purchases.  Having visited the famed Clignancourt market with my parents on my last visit to Paris, I wanted to try somewhere a little smaller, more manageable and with more opportunity to discover true treasures.  On our second last day, we walked (and walked, and walked) from our apartment to a tiny flea market in Place d’Aligre (map), just by the Marche d’Aligre Food Market.  This type of market would not be for everyone.  Surrounded by locals, it has a very authentic feel – old toys, cutlery, boxes and old suitcases filled with mostly trash and a few treasures.  Lots of rummaging, not much in the way of true antiques but proper bric-a-brac.  My kind of heaven.  I allowed myself 3 items:

A box of old, decoupaged Christmas baubles that I can decorate the tree with every year and be reminded of wandering through Parisian streets.

A detailed silver trinket holder which I’m undecided what I’ll use for at this stage, but love nonetheless.

Two beautifully coloured and aged vintage prints which are ready to frame and hang in our house.

Paris Flea Market | brownpaperbelle.comParis Flea Market | brownpaperbelle.comParis Flea Market | brownpaperbelle.comVintage Christmas Baubles Paris | brownpaperbelle.comVintage Trinket Holder | brownpaperbelle.comVintage Prints |

15 thoughts on “Vintage Finds: Parisian Flea Market

      1. We went yesterday! I bought a beautiful leather satchel (7 euro, a steal!) and my friend got a set of Diamino which we are still deciphering how to play. The produce market was amazing too (photos on my blog). Thanks for the tip 🙂

  1. Thanks for the article about the Paris fleas. My husband and I are taking our 16 year old daughter to London and Paris in mid-July (her first time) and we are so excited. We will only have about 4 days in each city but I definitely want to hit at least one of the flea markets. If you knew you only had a few hours and a modest amount to spend but want something unique, which one would you put on the top of your list?

    1. Hmmm…if only a few hours then probably one of the smaller ones as the famous Clignancourt Flea Market takes quite some time to get to, I would allow half a day at least to make your way there, look around and return home. I’ve read about a wonderful market if you are there over a weekend called the Portes de Vanves Flea Market in the 14th Arr. Let me know how you go! Enjoy Paris.

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