Pretty Little Things

It seems at the moment we are in ‘baby’ season.  Lots of our friends are having babies for the first time and it is very exciting to meet these new little people as they come into the world.  This afternoon I’m going to visit a friend whose little bub arrived early.  In fact, two days before her planned baby shower.  Partly inspired by my recent visit to Laduree in Paris, and partly feeling the need to make something pretty and delicate, I decided to make a batch of macaroons.  This afternoon, we can drink tea and eat macaroons and ooh and ahh over the tiny baby.   Our own private baby shower.

I {again} used this recipe but used white chocolate ganache instead of dark and it worked a treat.

Laduree, Paris | brownpaperbelle.comLaduree, Paris | brownpaperbelle.comMacaroons | brownpaperbelle.comMacarons | brownpaperbelle.comMacarons | brownpaperbelle.comMacarons | brownpaperbelle.comMacarons |

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