What a {Wedding} Day

As promised, here are a few snippets of the wedding on Saturday.  It was a perfect day – gorgeous weather, beautiful friends and family together for a wonderful celebration.  I didn’t have a chance to take as many photos as I’d hoped, but here are some of the little details.  The flowers (by Julie Vine) were amazing.  And by amazing, I mean out-of-this-world.  And to see the incredible Jonas Peterson in action was quite a treat for me.  I can’t wait to see how he captured the day.
Letterpress Wedding Invitations | brownpaperbelle.comLetterpress Order of Service | brownpaperbelle.comVintage Wedding Car | brownpaperbelle.comPink Peony Bouquet | brownpaperbelle.comPink Peony Bouquet | brownpaperbelle.comWhite Daisy Wedding Cake | brownpaperbelle.comWedding Flowers | brownpaperbelle.comStokehouse Wedding | brownpaperbelle.com

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