Inspired Office Space

We built a little office nook in a corner of our house that is sandwhiched between our cupboard laundry and two sets of ikea linen/storage cupboards.  While it perfectly functional in its present form, when it comes to inspiration, the environment is a little lacking.  I’ve been dreaming of ways to inject a little flair and creativity into the space and have been searching through the internet for inspiration.

Here are some of the spaces that take my fancy…

This mood board:

{Via Apartment Therapy}

Love the whimsy of this one:

{Photo via Design Sponge}

This chair:
 photo LShukla_6.jpg
{Photo via Little Green Notebook}

The clean, uncluttered desk in this one (in theory, that is, I’m not sure I could keep it so tidy!):
{Via Apartment Therapy}

The femininity of this space:

{Photo via Cupcakes and Cashmere}

4 thoughts on “Inspired Office Space

  1. I really love the second and the fourth photos. I think I would probably go with some mixture of the two. Although, I am notorious for a cluttered desk, so who knows how that would work out.

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