A French Affair

We’ve had another wonderful week of meandering through the French Countryside to meet my parents in Normandy.

Some highlights have included:

*A well deserved, relaxing few days in Nice {just what we needed after a pretty intense travel day which included 5 trains and 9 hours in transit}
*A stay in the sleepy hilltop town of Moustiers Sainte Marie in Provence
*An incredibly scenic drive through the French Alps on the clearest of clear Spring days
*Staying in a beautifully designed {in Scandinavian Style} Hotel Faucigny in Chamonix Mont Blanc
*Testing our French, purchasing deliciously stinky cheese and cured meats at the Saturday morning food market in Beaune
*Staying with the very hospitable Casimir in the tiny hilltop village of Vezelay in the heart of Burgundy Wine Country
*Enjoying a meal of delicious seafood {and a very welcomed reunion with my parents} in Honfleur, Normandy
*Countless roadside picnics with wine, cheese and bread in some of the most picturesque locations
*A very moving dawn service on Anzac Day in Villers-Bretnneux, Normandy

Road Trip Through France

Moustiers Sainte Marie | brownpaperbelle.com Vezelay, Burgundy | brownpaperbelle.com
Honfleur Normandy | brownpaperbelle.com
Normandy Chateaux | brownpaperbelle.com

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