Essential Garden Tools

I don’t believe you need many things in order to grow things in the garden.  But as with anything, having the right tool for the job is often half the battle.

Here are the garden tools I use on a regular basis:
IMG_21361. A hand held hoe used for loosening soil into rows for planting of seeds.  Amongst about a million other uses {including singlehandedly digging out a trench under our house when we needed to replace a bearer early on}.
2. A relatively new tool in my lineup, I’m finding this weeder pretty handy for picking out weeds without removing a huge clump of soil at the same time.
3. A small shovel for digging smallish holes for seedling planing.
4. My trusty hoe which makes aerating soil between planting a relatively enjoyable process.
5. A pitch fork which assists with the above process, as well as mixing fertliser and hay through soil.

2 thoughts on “Essential Garden Tools

  1. Hi! i am going to put some raised beds in my garden this year and I was wondering why did you guys put drains around the edge of your garden wall? Thank you!

    1. Hi there! We live on quite a slope and three levels of garden that go down to our house. We put the drains in to assist directing the water that washes down when we have heavy storm downpours in summer. Hope that helps! Good luck with your garden beds!

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