Champagne, Darling

I’ve spoken before about my love of collecting things that have a past.  Old books and matchboxes I’ve talked of, but one of my favourite collections would have to be my champagne corks.  I only save the corks of those bottles that have been consumed in celebration of something momentous – a New Year’s Eve, welcoming home a friend, birthdays, engagements, babies and other important milestones in one’s life.  When I feel inspired, I write a little note on the cork as a reminder of where and when and with whom we enjoyed the bottle, possibly what meal we ate or an inside joke from the night.  I love rumbling through these tiny mementos and remembering those moments.  One of my favourites is a cork from a bottle of champagne that friends of our brought back from their holiday to Paris and gave to us in celebration of Jack being born.  After we enjoyed sipping it with a home-cooked dinner while they ooed and ahhed over the new and very tiny Jack – they saved the cork for us and had it engraved with: ‘Celebrating the birth of baby Jack 20.9.11’.  How divine.

Champagne Cork Collection | brownpaperbelle.comChampagne Cork Collection | brownpaperbelle.comChampagne Cork Collection | brownpaperbelle.comChampagne Cork Collection |

3 thoughts on “Champagne, Darling

  1. i can absolutely relate to this,as my husband and i did the same. or just write your guest’s name on the label and toast them when you eventually open it. that way you cant recycle it to the same people!! the new digital variation is to photograph the label and file with who brought it, rate it…. very OCD! love your blog 😉

  2. I’ve been saving these too – ever since I went to a dinner party at the home of one of my husband’s work friends whose wife kept hers hanging on a metal tree of some sort. I’ve only gotten as far as labeling them and making a few champagne chairs. Such a charming idea. Can you really have them engraved? That’s a wonderful idea!

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