Little {Travel} Luxuries

Traveling abroad seems like a glamorous adventure in theory, but when you are waiting in an airport or a train station after 20+ hours of being in transit, it can feel like anything but.  I have a few little luxuries I like to keep in my suitcase to help make even the longest journey an enjoyable experience:

{Some deliciously grassy sencha green tea bags, perfect for sipping and unwinding after a long day in transit}
T2 Sencha Green Tea Bags |{A tube of Vegemite, because I couldn’t possibly live a month without it}
Travelling Vegemite |{A very compact picnic set for impromptu lunches of cheese and bread and a glass of wine}
Travel Picnic Essentials |{A tiny bottle of lavender linen spray for refreshing clothes that have been living in a suitcase, or spraying on hotel linen to aid a restful and relaxing sleep}
Travel Linen Lavender Spray |

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