Wardrobe: Intelligent Packing

I know it is a ridiculous thing to obsess about packing for a holiday but strangely, it is a process I enjoy.  Last time we traveled, while I had given some thought leading up to departure, I packed hastily and ended up with lots of clothes I didn’t wear – not even once.  Not very intelligent packing.  This time will be different.  I’ve thought long and hard about what items I need and chosen pieces that can be worn more than one way.  I washed and ironed all the clothes I thought I might like to take and then folded them and laid them out so I could picture everything together and assess the necessity for each piece to be packed.  I did the same for Jack’s clothes and ‘helped’ Adam do the same with his.  As we all share a suitcase, we use packing cells which help keep our clothes separate and helps to avoid rumbling through everyone’s clothes in search of something that will most likely be at the bottom of the pile.  I’ll be sure to let you know the result of my new packing approach once we return.
Essential Travel Packing | brownpaperbelle.comEssential Travel Packing | brownpaperbelle.com

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