One. More. Sleep.

Travel Essentials | brownpaperbelle.comThe time has come –  at 0900 tomorrow morning, we leave on our holiday.  Our itinerary is pretty ambitious, we planned it before Jack was active and didn’t consider how this might affect our travel but I’m sure we will be fine.  In it’s most simple form, our itinerary looks like this:

Brisbane -> Singapore -> London -> Rome -> Florence -> Monterosso (Cinque Terra) -> Nice -> Moustiers -> Chammonix -> Beaune -> Vezelay -> Blois -> Honfleur -> Paris -> London -> Home

The more complex itinerary is pages long, and includes details of the current exchange rate, approximate costs for taxi fares, useful Italian and French phrases along with suggested restaurants and activities for each destination.  There are other words for this level of organisation, I know, but I like having all of the information there just in case.  In the moment I am flexible and don’t need to stick to the plan if it doesn’t suit, but I feel secure in the knowledge that the plan is on hand if need be.

While I’m hoping I’ll have the chance to update the blog on our travels, on the chance that it is too difficult, over the past month I’ve been preparing some posts and have them scheduled for the time we are away.    I’ll be taking lots of instagram photos along the way as I think this will be the easiest way of documenting our holiday (@brownpaperbelle).  I hope you enjoy the posts I have prepared for you – I will be back on the 8th of May.  Wish us luck! x

20 thoughts on “One. More. Sleep.

  1. I am SO jealous Jess!! Have an amazing time!

    P.S. your detailed itinerary and organisational skills sound a lot like mine when I go on holiday!

  2. Have a fantastic trip! I went to Monterosso and Florence last year!!! Both Amazing! If you go to all four of the other Cinqueterra towns, beware the monstrous climb up a mountain from the station to the centre of Corniglia!!!

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