Growing in my Garden

We only have two more sleeps before we leave on our month long holiday, so this morning I was up in the garden doing a last minute weed, re-mulching some beds and taking a mental inventory of what is growing where.  Luckily, my lovely cousin has offered to look after our little house while we are away and tend to the garden when required.  At the moment we have growing:

{Some handfuls of crisp, sweet beans}

Green Beans from the Garden |{A bush of bright and cheery Nasturtiums }
Nasturtiums from the Garden |{A row of plump radishes}
Radishes from the Garden |{A vine full of round, white cucumbers}
White Cucumbers from the Garden |{Some little yellow squash}
Yellow Squash from the Garden |{A healthy head of sorrell}
Sorrell from the Garden |{Our silvery artichoke plant which we are patiently awaiting fruit from}
Artichoke Plant |

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