Easter Lunch

For the first time in many years, we are home for Easter.  No trips out to the farm, or camping, or days up to the coast.  Which, don’t get me wrong, are all lovely ways to spend the four-day holiday, but I’m really looking forward to being at home this year.  We have family staying with us and also a visit from a much loved and missed overseas friend so our house will be bustling with activity.  Just the way I like it.  We have planned a big, casual Easter lunch in the garden to make the most of this glorious weather.  I’ll set the table with eggs in twine (from this project), natural linens, provincial candlesticks and lavender.  I’m going to take a break over the Easter weekend and will post again on Tuesday.  Happy Easter. x

Easter Lunch Table | brownpaperbelle.comAlabaster Eggs Easter Brunch Table | brownpaperbelle.comLavender Easter Lunch Table | brownpaperbelle.comProvincial Candlesticks Easter Lunch Table | brownpaperbelle.comEaster Brunch Lunch Table | brownpaperbelle.comLavender and Lindt Easter Brunch Table | brownpaperbelle.comEaster Brunch Garden Lunch Table | brownpaperbelle.com

17 thoughts on “Easter Lunch

  1. Wow, I love your blog! Thanks for following mine so I could discover yours! So cute, all of your presentations. That is my favorite thing about entertaining. By far. I look forward to the many posts to come. Have a most joyous Easter! xo

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