Hedging Our Bets

A little while ago, a friend of mine told me the story of when she was living in London, every morning on the way to work she would run her hand through the front garden hedge of a house on her street and the most incredible scent of rosemary would stay with her all morning.  I remember thinking – a hedge from rosemary – what a brilliant idea.  In our garden, as we we needed something to either plant or build as a sort of ‘fence’ above our metre high sleeper wall – this was the perfect opportunity to create such a hedge.  We’re not quite at the hedge stage yet, but what seems like only months ago we planted tiny rosemary seedlings and they have already grown into sizable shrubs.  It is not going to be long until I can run my hand through our hedge and dream of roast lamb with golden rosemary potatoes.  Mmm.

Rosemary Hedge | brownpaperbelle.comRosemary Hedge | brownpaperbelle.comRosemary Hedge | brownpaperbelle.comRosemary Hedge | brownpaperbelle.com

13 thoughts on “Hedging Our Bets

      1. Beautiful! What’s the name of the rosemary you planted? I’m thinking of doing something similar on my corner lot. I adore the smell of rosemary, especially on a roasted chicken.

      2. Hi Michelle – I think it was called ‘blue tuscan’ – some people believe the flavour of this rosemary is too strong for culinary use but I disagree. It’s really fragrant and delicious – especially with roast chicken and veggies!

  1. My parents have used rosemary in a similar way in their garden, using it to edge the flower beds. In the evenings you can smell it in the air, but what I love most is when i take my dog to visit – he ducks in and out of the bushes and comes back smelling amazing!

  2. Here in southern California, I see rosemary hedges used all the time. At first I was surprised to notice it when we moved here, but now I love discovering them and their scent on long walks through our neighborhood!

  3. Rosemary is magnificent; can’t get enough of it. Oddly, it sprang up on the east side of our house here in Florida — behind the air conditioning unit. I would go out and pick what I needed while the air handler whirred and blew. When they unit had to be replaced, the unthinking workmen yanked out the plant to put down a new concrete slab. (Philistines…didn’t they *smell* it?!) So we planted our own in a pot, which is just as good as “wild.” I certainly like the hedge idea…boxwood with flavor….

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