Autumn Planting

In my quest for a more haphazard, colourful garden, I have planted a few flower seedlings as a test to see how they grow.  I’m concentrating on one garden bed at a time, to make it a little more manageable.  I’ve started by planting some tiny pansy seedlings in varying colours in and around the lavender bushes.  I also planted some marigolds in the veggie patch to hopefully attract a few more bees so they can help pollinate the cucumber and zucchini vines which both seem a little stunted – lots of flowers and healthy leaves, but no fruit.   Perhaps I’ve left it a little late for these vegetables.  The last thing I planted were some seeds: cabbage, beetroot and celeriac (which I’m particularly excited about).  Hopefully they sprout and become well established over the next few weeks, and then we’ll return from overseas with a garden full of vegetables.  Wouldn’t that be nice?
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8 thoughts on “Autumn Planting

  1. Thats lovely – all the best with your vege and flower patch! I just planted our autumn garden with cabbage, lettuce, leeks and spring onions and beetroot, however we are going through an unusual dry spell in NZ and I’m watching them nervously now, waiting and waiting for the rain to arrive….!

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