Mid-week Menu: Pasta con Piselli Pancetta Brasata

A friend of mine has lent me a most interesting cook book called The Geometry of Pasta. It lists recipes for pasta sauces according to their ideal pasta shape. With geometric black and white images of each pasta – it is a beautifully stylish book to look through on any occasion. And since I had a bundle of large shell pasta, I thought I’d refer to it to see which sauce would be best suited.

The structure of the shell variety of pasta – the ridge outside and smooth, deep bowl of the interior – helps it cradle a sauce more than any other pasta. I decided on Conchiglie Rigate Con Piselli Pancetta Brasata or, Shell Pasta with Braised Ham and Peas. The bacon and pancetta can be prepared ahead of time and remain in the fridge for at least a week. And there are only a few other ingredients which are thrown together at the end. Because it is a very rich and luxurious sauce, it is not for the everyday. Although after tasting, you may disagree – when Adam finished his meal he looked up and said ‘Can you please make this every day?’ It’s pretty special. Try it sometime.

Click here for the recipe>>>

The Geometry of PastaConchiglie Rigate PastaPancettaBraised bacon and peasBraised Bacon and Pea PastaBraised Bacon and Pea Pasta

14 thoughts on “Mid-week Menu: Pasta con Piselli Pancetta Brasata

  1. Jessica – may I just say that you are a DELIGHT! You elevate living to an art form and put a smile on my face at least once a week. Thank you for your generous sharing. I mightn’t always try your ideas for myself, but I am enriched by your images and stories and sometimes – that is simply enough! Sincerely – Gail (Kenny)

  2. 1) Your photos are scrummy-lick-the-screen-in-hopes-of-damn-why-can’t-there-be-taste-a vision-now GOOD! 2) Fantastic book. See if your friend really wants it back, because that is a great book by Hildebrand and Kenedy. Otherwise, run and get it as soon as you can. It is considered one of the must-haves in a cook’s collection. 3) Adam is one lucky duck. 😀

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