Grown Up Hot Chocolate

I turned 17 in the break between finishing school and starting uni.  It was the most carefree time in my life – no responsibilities, no commitments – I’d wake up each morning and think ‘what will I do today’.  Often of an evening I would pick up a friend and we would drive into the city to the fanciest cafe we could find and order Italian Hot Chocolates.  We would sip them and talk until late and pretend we were so European and so grown up.  Ha.  Makes me laugh to think about now.  Now that I am actually grown up, I still like keep sachets of Italian Hot Chocolate in the cupboard for those nights when I feel like being indulgent and I’m in the mood for something rich and chocolatey but not in the mood to go to any effort.  You simply empty the sachet into a jug, pour 150mL milk and heat until thick and velvety.  Pudding in a mug.  A-Ma-Zing.
Italian Hot ChocolateItalian Hot ChocolateItalian Hot ChocolateItalian Hot Chocolate

6 thoughts on “Grown Up Hot Chocolate

  1. This brings back memories of getting a cup of hot chocolate from the Latteria in Perugia, Italy with a dollop of their fresh whipped cream on top – something to make those biting January days a bit more enjoyable! Now I have to find some here in Canada!

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