This week I’m dreaming of…

Having one of these sitting on the kitchen bench:
KitchenAid Stand Mixer{Photo from here}

A visit to Positano to soak up some Mediterranean sun:
Positano{Photo from here}

A cute sweater just like this one:
Sass & Bide Sweater{Photo from here}

Finding some chickens to come and live in our garden:
backyard chickens{Photo from here}

Purchasing a phone case to protect my {often dropped} phone:
Kate Spade iPhone 5 Case{Photo from here}

25 thoughts on “This week I’m dreaming of…

  1. You’re getting lots of good replies on the Kitchenaid and I’ll add mine! I grew up with one in my mother’s house and made it top priority on my wedding gift registry πŸ™‚

    We are thinking about chickens too!

    1. I have heard nothing but good reviews about the Kitchenaid – and everyone who has one is very passionate about how wonderful they are. Thank you for your opinion – I really do think I’m just going to have to get one! Thanks for visiting my blog :}

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