Window Dressing

I love it how inspiration can wind its way in and out of your life.  A few years ago, I was staying in Paris with my parents in a quintessential Parisian apartment on the Ile-Saint-Louis.  The floor to ceiling windows looked out onto a beautiful courtyard dotted with lamp posts and trees that had lost their leaves for the winter.  The windows were dressed with nothing fancy –  linen drapes backed with white tulle.  I remember looking at those curtains and making a conscious decision that I would one day have those hanging in my (not yet purchased) house.  Fast forward 5 years and Adam and I are renovating.  I didn’t give a thought about those drapes from Paris.  We had leftover metres and metres (around 40m to be exact) of tulle from the wedding which I cut back into curtains.  I then purchased some pre-made curtains from Ikea.  A few months ago I was looking through old holiday photos and found one of the curtains in that room and realised that I had remembered them exactly as they had been.  It makes me smile to think we now have the exact replicas hanging in our house.

{Paris, 2006}
Parisian WindowParisian window

{Brisbane, 2013}

Paris inspired curtainsCurtains

2 thoughts on “Window Dressing

  1. I was similarly inspired by a stay in a Parisian apartment with large windows and long drapes that gathered in waves on the wood floor. I bought long, floor skimming drapes to dress the large windows in our Chicago apartment. If only I could magically transport the Parisian view as well!

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