It’s not a house it’s a home

When we bought our house it was a disaster.  Completely unlivable – no bathroom or toilet and part of the house had been chainsawed clean off to allow suitable space for developers to subdivide the block.  Despite all of this (and maybe in part because of it) we fell in love with it the first time we walked in.  I’m sure our families thought we were mad.  In the weeks when we started renovating, neighbours would wander past and tell stories of Ann, the lady who had lived in this house her whole life, and how their now-grown kids would often play in her backyard.   They told of the developers who bought the house with plans to knock it down and build a new one.  But the neighbours rallied to save it.  And we were crazy enough to buy it.

As we cleaned, destroyed and rebuilt what we needed to,  we would find bits and pieces from the past.  Buttons, coins, spoons, medicine bottles, newspaper clippings – remnants of the lives that had already been lived inside these walls.  I saved these little pieces, framed them and hung them in our entrance as a subtle reminder of the history of our home.

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16 thoughts on “It’s not a house it’s a home

  1. what beautiful treasure you found! When we dig up the garden at our old place all we found were burnt clothes and a shoe, a burnt teddy bear, nude stockings, a retro hair curler…just creepy stuff :s I love the way you’ve displayed everything. It makes it so special 🙂

      1. Your story reminded me of the show on HGTV If Walls Could Talk. I was so sad when they took it off the air, loved those stories! I think that framing those bits and pieces of the past probably has miss Ann smiling down from heaven.

  2. Love this. My 1890 farmhouse seldom yields physical treasures, but I often find little graffitis on beams and behind plaster (P+M in a heart, random dates written in slanty pencil), and it gives such a goosebumpy sense of history. I don’t think I could ever live in a new house! xx

  3. Thanks for visiting Bay Vegetarian!
    I love this idea- I’m currently renovating a house that I just moved into and would have loved to created something like this! We’ve been funding, erm, stranger things! So far we discovered a really strange baby washtub, some novel about hitler/nazis, random odd shoes, a couple of VCRs and a playboy magazine!

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