Growing in my garden right now…

I’m a little obsessed with our garden.  Every morning, I wander up barefoot and check on my little plants to see how they are faring.  I don’t do anything in the way of watering or weeding –  just lovingly stare at them in hope that this will in some way help them grow.

This morning, these little  wonders were the ones to catch my eye:

{Some very healthy and robust looking heads of lettuce}
Lettuce{A few ears of corn that are all but ready to be picked, cooked and enjoyed in all their buttery goodness}
Corn{Baby seedlings which have survived the transplant to the big garden: cucumber, celery, and an heirloom variety of beetroot called ‘bull’s blood’}

{Round two for eggplants this season has begun}
Eggplant{Some deliciously leafy silverbeet and rainbow chard}
Silverbeet leaves
{A few fiery red chillis which will be making their way into a batch of hot sauce sometime soon}

4 thoughts on “Growing in my garden right now…

  1. Hi Jess Your garden’s looking great. Remember I thought something was wrong with your soil when you told me that your corn didn’t set. Your soil must be fine, there was probably something wrong with the corn. I love that barefoot thing in the garden also. Cheers Gary S

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