Garden Share Collective: February

A new year and the first Garden Share Collective for 2014.   The biggest news I have to share is that we finally finished the chicken coop.  And we had two beautiful heritage hens (of the Barnevelder and New Hampshire variety) move in a few weeks ago.  We thought we’d start with two and see how they go but we’re so happy with them we’ll find another pair to move in shortly.

We’ve been harvesting armfuls of delicious corn.  So delicious we’ve vowed to plant more corn whenever the time is right and we’ve planted 25 seedlings just this afternoon.   We’ve also been harvesting eggplants, both regular and some of the lebanese variety.  The ceylon climbing spinach keeps us in ample supply of greens for morning smoothies and salad lunches.  Our rocket and herbs have also been thriving in this sunny weather.  And our rosemary hedge is starting to look very hedge-like in appearance.

After a great season of zucchini and cucumber, I think the plants had exhausted their supply so we pulled them out, turned and fertilised the soil and have it prepped ready for planting.  As I mentioned above we’ve planted some corn, but also a few tomato seedlings.  Although we have a little possum friend who loves to eat tomatoes, we’re persisting and have hopefully planted a large enough supply to allow for possum and us too.  Adam has planted a watermelon vine amongst a bed of gardenias down the length of our backyard as a bit of a test so we’ll see how that goes.

To Do
 As always, we have a list of jobs to do in the backyard.  Most pressing, some landscaping around our deck area which in its present state is overrun with weeds.  We plan to use paver stepping stones and river stone as a pathway with some tiny flower beds against the retaining walls.
Garden Share Collective, February | IMG_0249Garden Share Collective, February | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective, February | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective, February | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective, February | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective, February | brownpaperbelle.comGarden Share Collective, February |

10 thoughts on “Garden Share Collective: February

  1. You obviously don’t have snake issues at your place, your chook pen door would not keep out pesky carpet snake intruders at our place. Put your hen house looks great, look forward to meeting your girls. Your veggies are looking great too, really healthy harvests.

  2. What a spectacular hen house and some spectular hens too. Love the rosemary hedge too, I have images of that along the front path, but all my cuttings died from total neglect so I will be starting again. And yum to that corn, yum yum.

  3. a whole hedge of rosemary! oh how awesome! Here I am struggling to keep my little rosemary plant alive in the tropics.
    That is what I lvoe aobut blogging is seeing quite how different everyone garden is. Your veggies look so healthy I really enjoyed the tour around your garden.

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