With silver bells and cockle shells

The rain we have experienced over the past few days has brought with it a certain inspiration to re-visit our garden and breathe new colour and life into it.  And although I know we’ve come a long way since we started building our backyard (I’ve included a ‘before’ photo so you understand) – I feel it is a little….lacking.   We have hedges growing in Murraya, Rosemary and Lavender and have Gardenia bushes lining the fence – all which provide a good base.  But, we’re in need of some colour and height variety in the way of flowers and shrubs.  You’ll notice our garden is very organised – with rows of plants and little imagination.  This is not for lack of wanting.  I would love a haphazard arrangement of flowers and climbing plants and ground covers and shrubs – but I’m not sure how to go about it.

So, I’ve been having a trawl through photos for inspiration – I’ve included my favourite three below.  I’ve printed them and pinned them on my pin board and am working on a way to work this inspiration into our garden beds.  Wish me luck!

I’ll keep you posted with the progress.

{Our garden: Before}
Garden - Before{Our Garden: As it is now}
Garden - AfterLavendar BushesRosemary Bushes{Garden Inspiration}
Country Garden Garden Garden Gate{All photos above via Inspire Bohemia}

7 thoughts on “With silver bells and cockle shells

  1. Jess – you’ve done so much! You can add Nasturtiums for a splash of colour in with your veg and can eat them – also Marigolds – a bit stinky but really brighten the garden and supposed to keep the pests away from the veg.
    Our garden is a mess after the rain. I can give you some Peruvian Lily bulbs some time – beautiful cut flowers.

    1. Thanks Les – will try Nasturtiums – love them in salads. And will definitely take you up on the Peruvian Lily offer. I did go a little overboard with marigolds once and it has turned me off them a bit but I’ll give them another try! x

  2. What beautiful bones you’ve created for your garden, Jess. You might want to add a few English shrub roses while you have space for them in full sun. The David Austin website has wonderful inspiration, good technical advice, and is my favorite source for beautiful, fragrant roses. What luxury to cut your bouquets from your own garden. (davidaustinroses.com) I always spend winters dreaming over their catalog. Enjoy!

    1. That is very nice of you to say! Thank you so much for the tip – I’ve just been searching through the David Austin website now – so many beautiful varieties! Will let you know when I plant some roses and how they go. Thanks so much again!

      1. Did you find some roses from David Austen to try? I pore over the catalog for weeks and weeks during the winter, and usually have the first rose open here by May 1. Hope your garden is doing well,

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