Mon petit macaron

There is something about a perfectly formed macaron that is irresistible.  Those pretty little discs sandwiching a gooey, flavoured centre.  Perfection.  I have been wanting to attempt making these for a long time now.  While I love cooking, I find the beauty of cooking in throwing together flavours that taste great with each other and creating something hearty and robust that tastes amazing.  Baking…is a different story.  The exact nature of measuring ingredients, delicately executing the steps involved and maintaining exact cooking times and heat – I find difficult to say the least.  But…as with everything, practice makes perfect.   So when I stumbled across this recipe (which by the way, is brilliant), I thought – now is the time.  And while I definitely had some odd looking discs that ended up as taste testers, I think these macaroons worked out pretty well for a first attempt.


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