Grinding Time

When a good friend of mine offered his conical burr coffee grinder (he was upgrading to a commercial model), I was hesitant to accept.  I didn’t think it possible that the process by which you grind your coffee beans would make a noticeable difference to the taste and consistency of the final product.  But, trusting his advice, I switched from our standard blade grinder and I have to say – I am converted.  Maybe it sounds a little crazy, but I swear the coffee is smoother and richer with a thick and silky crema every time.   And after conducting a little ‘espresso research’ online, I’ve discovered that while blade grinders can grind inconsistently with the heat of the motor burning the coffee beans – the conical burr variety grind evenly and gently.  So, if you’re ever wondering how to improve your morning espresso – this might just be the answer.

Conical Burr Coffee GrinderCoffee Beans Grinding coffee beansEspressoFlat White

3 thoughts on “Grinding Time

  1. I used to “grind” with a blade-type grinder as well. However i only really used it for my french press since it doesn’t really need a consistent size particle. I tried it once with my La Pavoni but was just plain awful. When i upgraded to a conical burr grinder (Nemox Lux) i got a reasonably consistent grind and better results. Last month i upgraded to a flat burr grinder (Mazzer Super Jolly) and i couldn’t be happier.

    Have fun with that grinder, the result in your last picture certainly makes me wish i wasn’t drinking a Senseo cup of “coffee” at work right now.

      1. You should! If you look at second hand grinders that are in need of a little elbow grease (good cleaning and maybe a new pair of burrs) you can usually find a great deal. Plus Mazzers are built like tanks and will last you a lifetime.

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