Mid-Season Planting

Over the Christmas break we were away.  A lot.  A week in the country, a week at the coast.  Wonderful holiday time of course, but not so wonderful for the garden.  Searing temperatures and very little reprieve from afternoon storms caused my poor little vegetables to wilt and whither.  At the markets on Saturday, I had a long conversation with the seedling man who gave me three pieces of simple but great advice on vegetable gardening:

{1} Vegetables need nutrients, nutrients and more nutrients to grow so mix through some well composted manure (preferably cow) along with a handful of dynamic lifter and if you have it, worm castings (which I happen to) before you plant any seedlings.

{2} Plant large, re-generating plants in rows down the middle (such as silver beet & chard) and then fill the sides with lettuces and other salad greens – this allows you to maximize the space within your garden.

{3} Companion planting – If you plant corn, and wait a little for it to grow, you can plant more fragile seedlings (like salad greens, lettuces & herbs) in the shade of the corn for protection from the sun.   You can also plant these small & fragile seedlings in the shade of climbing beans or a cucumber vine.

So, this afternoon when the sun had set and the air was cool, I set out to re-invigorate and re-plant the first quadrant of the vegetable patch.  And just as I was finishing up, like an answer from the gardening heavens, it started to rain.

Garden Plan Seedlings Rainbow Chard SeelingLettuce Seedling Seedlings

2 thoughts on “Mid-Season Planting

  1. Thanks for that Jess ? Travis made me a herd/ veggie garden for my birthday , it was all growing beautifully but I have neglected it over the last few weeks . I’ll be off to the markets to get some new seedlings and start again . I get such pleasure going and picking some salad leaves , tomatoes and herbs from my garden to make a salad in the evening . Loved your eggplant story .Laura x

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