A life less aubergine

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m relatively new to gardening.  So it doesn’t take much at all to impress me.  Last season, it was my snow peas that amazed me – those silvery green tendrils reaching higher each day, dotted with pretty white flowers that eventually died and sprouted a snow pea.  Seriously amazing.

More recently, the life-cycle of the eggplant has been the one to impress.   I’d never given much thought as to how an eggplant came to be.  When I planted some seedlings in spring, I didn’t know what to expect, so when my little eggplants started to grow I was very excited.  To me, it seems an amazing phenomenon that you plant a seedling, and simply with sun, nutrients and water – this complex, complete vegetable sprouts and comes into being.  Incredible.

EggplantEggplantEggplant EggplantEggplant

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