It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

I started making my own bon bons a few years ago when I discovered how easy they were to make.  And how enjoyable it was at Christmas dinner to crack open bon bons with imaginative trinkets as prizes and horribly lame jokes collated by my Dad.

I usually save kitchen paper towel or wrapping paper cardboard rolls throughout the year in preparation, but failing that, it is easy enough to make a tube by rolling and sticking a sheet of cardboard.   I keep my eye out for little trinkets and scoop them up when I get a chance – but also visit the dollar stores and see what they have on offer.  You can find the ‘cracker’ part of the bon bon in most craft stores.  This year’s prizes include: miniature packs of cards, bubble blowers, vintage style fridge magnets, tiny party games, sweetly decorated ballpoint pens and novelty stick-on famous mustaches (like Charlie Chaplin and Salvatore Dali).  Every Christmas, my Dad tries to outdo his jokes and this year is no exception.

I make the paper hats by cutting them out of Christmas wrapping paper or tissue paper.  Then to assemble the bon bon, I fold the hat & joke, and place together with the prize and ‘cracker’, and place into the cardboard tube.  I wrap the tube in brown paper and tie the ends with twine.  Just to add a little festive goodness, I wrap a band of Christmas wrap around the centre.  The bon bons can be used as a place card for your Christmas dinner setting by tying a luggage tag with the person’s name.  Or bundled up together for a homely Christmas gift.

Bon BonsBon Bons Bon Bons Bon Bons Bon Bons

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