Garden Party

This afternoon we’re holding a small soiree to catch up with some close friends before the craziness of Christmas is upon us.  I wanted to make some simple, tasty canapes that could be prepared ahead of time, and then served easily – so there would be no rush or hassle once people arrived and too many wines had been consumed!

Our menu:
-Watermelon, Feta and Mint
-Proscuitto wrapped melon
-Chicken & Mango rice paper rolls
-Slow-cooked lamb and rosemary pies
-Margarita pizzas

Along with a make-your-own cocktail station, plenty of beer and crisp white wine on ice – I think we’re all set for a lovely evening.

Watermelon, Fetta & MintRockmelon & ProsciuttoCanapes Chicken Mango Rice Paper Rolls
Mini Lamb & Rosemary Pies

Party Food 3
Cocktail Station

One thought on “Garden Party

  1. Greetings from chilly Winnipeg, Canada! Love your site! Great clothes choices… tho’ I would have to wait for a bit to wear them… love the recipes for your garden party as well. I will stay tuned! Awesome job!

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