Summer Harvest

There is something very satisfying about growing your own food.  And whether just a few pots of lettuce and herbs on the veranda, or a full blown kitchen garden – it’s a rewarding process.  I’m a beginner gardener in every way, but I’ve come to realise that a big part of gardening is trial and error – figuring out what works, what doesn’t, and what you would do differently next time.  And while I’ve found reading books to be helpful, the advice from more experienced gardeners has been invaluable.

At the beginning of spring, after spending time nurturing my soil in preparation, I sowed my first lot of seeds and seedlings.  And today I am very excited to have harvested:

-A few plump beets (which I’ll roast and make into tapanade)
-Some lovely big spring onions
-A bunch of gnarled carrots (it appears the soil is not sandy enough for carrots)
-Some oddly shaped (and on the small side) capsicums/peppers
-A bunch of greens including kale, sorrel, silverbeet, spinach and rocket
-A pair of enormous cucumbers

I’ve not been quite as lucky with zucchini, squash or corn which after a promising first month, seem to have now stunted in growth – will look into why this might be and make adjustments for next time.

Summer Harvest

Beets & Spring OnionsIMG_5343

Veggies 2
IMG_5337Summer Harvest

One thought on “Summer Harvest

  1. From frozen Canada, your post leaves me envious for all the beautiful veggies. Where I live it is a common joke that zucchini over-produce, and they are notoriously difficult to pawn off on to the neighbours; you may have gotten lucky this year to avoid the conundrum.

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