Butterfly Kisses

A first birthday deserves a special gift.  I wanted to make something simple and sweet for my niece to hang over the cot in her nursery and decided some pretty paper butterflies in a large white frame would be perfect. IMG_5093

Butterflies 2nd photoButterflies 3rd ShotIMG_5120IMG_5148Finding the perfect frame at Ikea was a good start.  After a search on Google images I found the shape of butterfly I thought would work best, printed it on paper and cut it out.  I traced around the outline onto some quite heavy card stock to make a stencil.  It was then easy to use the stencil to space out the butterfly and calculate how many would be required to look complete – 16 was the magic number for this sized frame.  Selecting different papers from my giant paper collection (I’m a little obsessed) was my favourite part of the process.  I then traced and cut out each of the butterflies.  I used a scoring knife to score the centre of each butterfly so the wings folded upward and they looked ‘in flight’ when positioned in the frame.  After a few practices on scrap paper, I wrote onto the backing card my niece’s name and birth date underneath in black ink.

Positioning the butterfly colours and patterns into a formation which made sense was surprisingly time consuming – but it was worth making sure the combination worked.  I made sure that no same-coloured butterflies were positioned next to each other and that the colours directly beside each other were complimentary.  Once in position, a small pea-sized drop of craft glue was all that was required to hold the butterflies in place.  Now finished, the frame is wrapped in brown paper, secured with a pink bow and ready for the birthday party on Sunday.

Photos from top (left to right):
1. Making a butterfly stencil in thick card stock
2. Cutting out the butterflies
3. Scoring the wings so they fold ‘up’
4. Arranging the finished butterflies
5. A dot of glue on each to secure
6. Personalizing with name and date
7. The finished project

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