Afternoon Delight

Turkish delight, for me, is one of those foods that when you’re young, you think ‘yuk’ and easily leave it untouched to save room for another dessert or treat.  But there comes a time, when you’re a little bit older, a little bit wiser and you try it once again and think…’oh my…where have you been all my life’.

Now, I can’t seem to get enough of its sticky, gooey sweetness and find it difficult to refuse the little old Greek lady who sells it at the farmers’ markets on a Saturday morning.  I created this Rosewater & Lime Turkish Delight recipe from an article I read in the weekend paper.  It was surprisingly simple – and well worth the effort.

SugarTitanium Strength Gelatine Leaves
Turkish DelightRosewater & Lime Turkish Delight
Afternoon Delight

Photos from top:
1. Measuring the sugar
2. Preparing the gelatine leaves
3. Waiting for the mixture to boil
4. A pile of gooey sweet goodness
5. Afternoon delight

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