A Horse, of Course

I’ve been searching for a sweet little rocking horse for Jack for a little while now but have had difficulty finding something that wasn’t overly bright or garish.  So, when I came across this slightly battered, very well loved wooden horse advertised in the local classifieds, I knew it was the perfect contender for a makeover.

After detaching the horse from the base and sanding both well, I whitewashed the base with water based white paint.  I then painted the horse white with a gloss enamel, and once dry, used a stencil to draw varying sizes of stars onto contact.  I then cut out the stars and arranged them in an even pattern, covering the seat.  I then painted the horse with two coats of navy blue gloss enamel.  Once dry, I peeled off the contact stars, re-attached the horse to the base, and voila – a horse fit for a little prince.

Pictures from top (left to right):
1. Before
2. Base sanded and ready for painting
3. Horse painted with white enamel
4. Cutting stars out of contact
5. Stars peeled off after paint had dried
6. The finished product

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